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Siquijor Sojourn


sabi ko nga ang Siquijor e parang pelikulang pinoy. kumpleto may drama, may horror, may fantasy, may action..kulang lang love scene.. lol

old churches




and that mystical air of the place. its everything i hope it would be and more.

after psyching up Siquijor its time to explore the island

i woke up early around 6am, headed straight to the pier to catch the sunrise on the mindanao sea. unfortunately clouds loomed above and blocked the sun from peeping on to the island. it was a gloomy morning. i shoot photos of the pier, mangroves and the town streets instead. then i had a cheap breakfast at the public market for less than 100pesos for a fish, pork, veggies and 2 cups of rice.

tapos pumunta na sa paradahan ng mga tricycle para makipagbaratan sa rerentahang motor para maikot ang buong isla sa buong araw. 700pesos. ayos na rin dahil more than 90kms yon circumference ng isla. tas maraming pang sidetrips at may bundok pa.

unang stop namin ni manong sa Das Traum siquijor para mkpagcheck-in. yon malaking kwarto lang ang available that day. di ko na sana kukunin dahil malaki, pero nun sinabing 400 lang, deal na agad. anluwang pwde kang magbasketbol sa loob ng kwarto at sa veranda pwede kang magTennis. haha. tas ikot na.

clockwise. from siquijor-larena-e.villanueva-maria-lazi-sanjuan-siq. Salagdoong beach is really nice. I am crazy about cliff jumpiing  as of lately. and they have it there in Salagdoong. Its fairly high at more than 15ft i guess.

as per jeriks recommendation the best way to travel the island is through a motorcycle and he was right. well-paved roads, fresh air and the scenery, both seascapes and landscapes, were just awesome. some places were eerie, weird but in a cute eccentric way. like the black maria holding a skull or the three crosses on top of the hill.

i love siquijor. i cant pin-point though one exact thing that made me feel that way. im mistified

cebu – larena siquijor ship = 300
Siquijor State U dorm(1night) = 250
motorcycle rent = 700
das traum inn=400
a meal can cost you around 50pesos(karinderya)
no entrance fees in the beaches, falls, churches…
siquijor-dumaguete ship= 100
dumaguete-cebu bus=280

Dmgte Qcky

on my way back to Cebu, i took a different route. instead of taking the 1-ride siquijor(larena)-cebu ship that leaves at midnight, i took the ferry bound for dumaguete worth hundred pesos and one hour. i arrived in dumaguete at 2pm.

i took a tricycle from pier to ceres bus terminal. 10 pesos. earliest bus bound for cebu leaves at 10pm. i got 8 hours to kill. so i did the thing im avoiding the most, which is contacting my friend kim. she lives in manila but she’s in their house in dumaguete for the holidays.alam ko nang di ako makakauwi ng cebu that night pagnkpagmeet ako kay kim. which is bad because carla flew-in cebu that noon for sinulog. at dahil madali naman ako mapilit at kaladkarin, yon na nga ang nangyari. i called kim and they picked me up at the boulevard around 4. good thing i was able to take pictures around the city before they arrived.

i was drinking with my guards on. i cant drink too much because im hitting the high road that night and its going to be a not-so-short trip, 5-6hrs. so i did pass on some of my turns on the alcohol. while most friends of mine like to catch a few drinks before riding the bus, i despise it. i like taking long bus rides and gulping down beer is a pastime but doing it simultaneously? bad. i did it a couple of times in the past. i almost threw-out. wasted is probably the apt word to describe the feeling. but then again, knowing my self-control ability, something bad was bound to happen that night. and so it did. after bottles of beer and tanduay at kims house..then to her friends house i got drunk.

i was persistent in going home, cebu. so they dropped me a couple of minutes before the bus departure at the terminal. i told them they can go home, il just wait since the bus is leaving in 10mins,and theyre all drunk that time. so they left.

and the moment i hit the bleachers, 5 minutes before they allow passengers to hop in the bus, i fell asleep. i woke up 10:30. bus left at 10. so i waited for the next bus, departing at 11:30. naalimpungatan ako alas dose na. it happened 3 more times.  half-awake, can barely open my eyes, can barely stand, dizzy. i was laying down  with the bleachers as my bed and my backpack as my pillow. around 4:30 i regained my consciousness.. but this time i was determined to catch the next bus which leaves at 5. i bought a cup of steamy, hot, spicy noodles and mint candies to awaken my senses. i hopped in the bus as soon as it was parked.
it was a long 7-hour-ride. 220pesos. i was struggling the whole time. struggled to sleep. struggled to not throw out. i was wasted. i never alighted during bus stops. i had the slightest concern about what would my 50-something grannie seatmate would say about me sleeping on my sit na parang kawayan psway-sway left and right. hehe. sigurado inis na inis yon sa kin. kasi kung ako may katabing ganun, ssemplangin ko pra di na galaw ng galaw.haha

lasing talaga. ansakit ng ulo ko. dumating ako sa cebu after lunch. it was one of the worst bus rides. tas sa hapon meet si carla. ngpamassage tas gimik na ulit nun gabi sa cebu.

Daze in Dumaguete

this trip to dumaguete was unplanned. the decision was abrupt.i was suppose to travel not until the next day. but since i was caught up with so many things that time, i decided to escape from it altogether. i snapped out. so me. some say its stupidity.il say its spontaneiety =)

i packed all my 6-month stuff in a heartbeat that afternoon. im leaving cebu for good. im going back to manila. but instead of heading straight to manila i decided to sidetrip in dumaguete. so i dropped my luggages in a freight company before i, don and ken hit the road.

we rushed through the rainy afternoon traffic in downtown cebu that noon. we catched the last trip to dumaguete in the south bus terminal which departed at 5pm.

it was raining and dark clouds loomed above. ken was throwing tantrums. he hated thats its not in the itinerary. he was also worried travelling under bad weather moreso crossing the turbulent sea to reach negros.

despite the bad weather condition, it was a smooth ride. we arrived in dumaguete minutes past 10. fare was 200 including barge.

my good friend markito fetched us in downtown, we took a quick grub, threw our bags in the car then we headed out. it was a friday night.

dumaguete is very much unlike other key cities. its clean and laidback. first stop was hayahay. its reggae-themed. i heard its the top night-out destination in the city. beer is cheap at 35 and dumaguete special which is seafoods in white cocomilk sauce was great. then we hopped to zanzibar. crowd was mostly kolehiyalas. forgot the beer price though. then strolled in the strip of bars along the boulevard.

it was around 2am and bars were closing down. markito decided to buy some booze then just head out to a beach resort. it was a 20-minute drive to eldorado in dauin. we were subjected to rent a room. 2k. eventhough were only interested to stay at the beach and drink til sun-up. but the heavy drinking and the 5-hour bus ride took its toll and by 4am were cramped up in the double bed wasted. don slept on the floor.

don and i woke up early, 8, to shoot around the resort. it is a pretty, small mexican-themed resort. it housed a couple of birds(parrots, lovebirds etc) a pool and a beach that has siquijor and apo island as backdrop.

around 11am we hit the city. markito toured us around. siliman etc. we ate at this karinderya which serves damn good lutong bahay bisaya. paklay, lechon etc. very good and cheap. we then headed out to buglasan festival. we pretty much strolled all the city streets.

we went to the boulevard that noon. secured a table in one of the bars fronting the boulevard were the festival parade passed through. no better way to catch the festivities with a camera in your right and a pint of ice-cold beer in your left. though i disagree with the beer at first since were still nursing our hangovers but markito just cant be stopped. were leavin that same noon for bacolod so markito pulled out that one-for-the-road punchline. with the alcohol in our systems, we then watched the tennis city-meet finals. his nephew was playing. we cheered. nephew won.

around 5pm. markito dropped us at the bus terminal for bacolod.