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yes, i am a big fan of Ethan Hawke’s “Before” series. and, i guess, i experienced my own version of it. the night i bumped into the sexiest Thai girl i ever met in this City of Angels.

the day before…

the mid-day buzz of this urban jungle that is Bangkok woke me up. and with the sweltering heat of the summer sun, i woke up with sweat-soaked shirt.

clock ticked a few minutes after 12. high noon. my head was still buzzed from the alcohol binge at PostBar the night before, my go-to place in Bangkok for hang out. it was quite a fun night. food was flowing and it was free. it sure is true that best things in life are free. lol. it was the birthday of one of the bar’s patrons and he brought in some serious thai dishes. it was free for all. nothing beats spicy food and cold beer. to sum it all up, it was an awesOOOme night.

afternoon was spent contemplating on whether i should go out and see as much of Bangkok as i can since it was my last day in the city or should i just keep it down-low. i opted for the latter and did some writing, just chilled-out and relaxed in the apartment.

all the afternoon heat was gone by night time. i knew i can not pass on the chance of dropping-by PostBar on my last night so i pulled my ass off and headed out. i intended to just dropby and finish 1 beer as i have an early trip, and its a long 13-hour ride. i took the 505 bus to Samsen rd.

the night before…

i approached the bar and ordered a big bottle of Chang. a girl across the bar caught my eyes. she wore casual clothes and a megawatt smile… and with that thai-sun-kissed skin… she glowed.

she had her hair down and was clearly enjoying the lazy sunday evening with her friends which occasionally broke to burst of laughters every so often.

the bar was scarcely filled. i chatted with two of the owners and other regulars. i frequented this watering hole in the last one and a half months so i knew and became friends with a couple of hippies here. *separate post for PostBar.

the sun-kissed girl would occasionally go and sit outside for a smoke.

i was sitted outside with Pul when she went out again. i striked a conversation with her- a quick one- then we headed back inside to our respective tables.

i knew there was something in that first dialogue. so i waited, spotted and joined her next time she went out for a smoke. we talked, and talked. she did not bother going back inside immediately to her peers this time around, to my delight. that was a feat for someone who is torpe.

the night went on spontaneously. i drank with my guards on since i have an early trip to take. i was leaving the city and Thailand in general early the next day.

before midnight

conversation spun around travelling, and islands, and other things. other beautiful things.

it was past midnight when the sexiest thai girl and i decided to leave the people and her friends in Post Bar-coolest bar in Bangkok( i should get Changs for this next time i go there.)

we walked to Khao San rd. strolled in this street of battered backpacks, hippie wanderers, perpetual youth and padthais.

after midnight

she is a nature lover. she spent two weekends in an island in Andaman coast a couple of months back. a remote retreat that is Similan island. the beach is divine, delicate and bewitching. just like her.

it was getting late. 1:30am. morning was nearing and so was my departure.

we walked to Burger King in Khao San rd intersection. she said i can crash her place for my remaining hours in Bangkok if i want to. she hailed a cab and off we went to her place, her apartment in Silom.

i was drawned to her. the way she spoke with her thai accent was endearing. the way she moved, way she flipped her hair, way she smiled, her gaze, her supple sunkissed skin. charming.

moments would go slo-mo but not time. it raced. like my heartbeat.


before sunrise…

it was already 4am when i took notice of time. i was still at the sexiest thai girl’s place and we have not slept yet.

i can not bring myself to say my goodbyes for we only have started. it was bittersweet. i was glad to have met her. but sad that i met her on my last night in this city. this city of angels which was my home for 40 days.

it was 5am.

finally, i got up, bade goodbye, and sped off.

took a taxi to bigboy’s apartment in Pratunam, my home in Bangkok. i only have 1 hour to rest, gathered my stuff and got ready to hit the road again, onwards to Malaysia.

that night, i stayed out longer than i intended to. no, i am not complaining. it was beautiful.

aaahh the romance of being on the road. the hellos and goodbyes and those fleeting blissful moments in between. life’s surprises. i live for those =)



first plan: thailand-malaysia-singapore by train
then: thailand-laos-cambodia-vietnam
then: malaysia-thailand-cambodia-vietnam
then: malaysia-thailand-cambodia-thailand
then: malaysia-thailand-laos-cambodia-thailand
choosin and shufflin all in last week

now: 2 days before the trip: malaysia-thailand…gave up on planning already…


original plan
the original plan was to spend two-years in Doha, thats according to my job contract. then things started to roll out differently. i am on my third month now.

it has been a very wild-rollercoaster ride.

a good mix of hi-highs and lowlights.
i used to feel theres more blights, lowlights.
and then, i thought its a good mix of both.
now, in my clear mind, its all highs. and thats no longer an assumption. its an understanding.
i actually had a very good run(*have, im still here til tuesday, though it has been decided that its only until tuesday. well my exit visa says until wed. but i have a ticket already for tuesday. end of the story)

so i am leaving on tuesday. two more full days from now. and yes, i cant help but feel poignant. i guess thats the natural thing to sense/discern for a human being. glad that makes me a human.
 now back to the game
so now that i was able to let go of the emotional side of matters, good god those thought did sadden me for a good 30mins, let me continue with the gameplan. the exciting part that is.

i have always been fascinated with southeast asia. diverse. tropical. fun.

this trip is actually the reason why i headed here to work, just so i could come up with a decent travel budget for this trip. and this was supposed to happen not until after two years. after my job contract have lapsed.

but things went by swiflty, with its fateful twists and turns.

so the grand getaway came a little too soon. i failed to turn-up with an ideal budget and lack ideal time frame. but, heck, whatever deficit i now face… adrenalin and positivity makes-up for it.

i guess, just like in sports and life… and love… and poker
-sometimes its not what you have that matters, its what you do with it.


**malaysia is fixed and thailand. entry and exit for this trip. tickets on hand.
meeting jm in KL. will crash to her hotel. a free ride-a good start for the trip.
then to penang with sree, an indian friend(met through jm).my host in penang-another free ride.
from then on-its all on me…
perfect way to jumpstart this backpacking trip =)