He was born and raised in the land of headhunters- Kalinga, Philippines. An online content writer & birthday photographer by trade. An all-star dreamer and wanderer by heart.

He auditioned for the photojournalist post in their school paper

when he was in high school. And that was his first time to hold an SLR. No skills, zero knowledge. All he held onto was the thought that he thinks he was good with images.

He studied Culinary Arts and was once a slave in hotel kitchens. Cooking and getting cursed at by his head chef were part of his job description. He was an eager cook and was always ready with whatever his boss would throw at him. Wether it be a new recipe, order notes or pots and pans. But, mostly pans.

There he learned life lessons like handwork, passion, good eye on details and quick reflexes like how to dodge a ladle and, mostly, pans. And these lessons came in handy in photography. Well, except for the “pans” part.

In between online job and shooting birthday kiddie parties, he would travel with his backpack and camera to distant places. He loves to take photos of people in the streets and food. But, not much of food because he eats it even before he realises he wants to take a photo of it.

He is always curious and would jump to a conversation with a stranger whenever he is on the road.

India made him a photographer.

He gets inspiration from films especially those of Wong Kar Wai’s.

He failed at the photojournalist post when he was in high school. But he never stopped taking photos since then.

He can be reached through ayanvillafuerte@gmail.com

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