the neglected twin of Batanes =)

after tossing every lousy situation(first part) at our way, this heck of an island was finally convinced that i am gatecrashing its party, no matter what, and that it will be useless to throw in more mishaps as my will can never be fazed. well, at least, not by dogs( all 10,000 of them), majinbo, or a 7-hour-life jacketless-sail.

tables had turn.

Babuyan is the bomb.

the hippest of locals,
sexiest seascapes,
rockin rock formations,
the sumptousEST of seafoods,
and badass beaches.
this island is, indeed, packed with a punch-a powerful Pacman punch.

5 years from now, Calayan island-part of  Babuyan group of islands- will grace magazine covers and calendars. even those that are currently reigned by Sam Pinto or this blueberry panna cotta.
Sabang beach- it is that sexy, its sizzles.

2nd of 2parts
1st part here

Calayan Island
Babuyan group of Islands
Province of Cagayan

*there are so many nice landscape photos taken but i posted a lot already and if i dont get a hold of myself, this page will take forever to load =)

24 thoughts on “Best.Kept.Secret.”

  1. wow.thanks.
    thats actually one of the intentions of this stuff =)
    btw. i have not posted this on any site yet. im just wondering how did you bump into this blog?


  2. It's true that there are no lodging houses there but I can always make available a place for you
    to stay. Almost everybody there is my relative.


  3. The Castillejos in Batanes are also our relatives. The former gov. Engr. Telesporo Castillejos knows me and so is the former Mayor of Basco Constante(Dante) Castillejos. I'm not really sure if one of these is the father of Pam.


  4. if you want you can visit me here at the office. my office add is 3rd Flr. Building 14, Degenerative Disease Office, Department of Health, San Lazaro Compound, Sta. Cruz, Manila. Look for Dr. Franklin Castillejos Diza.. Tabi lang ito ng Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center at San Lazaro Ho9spital.


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